The best adventures always begin with a book

So you, young traveller stumbled across my blog? Well I bet you are wondering what you may find here?

Let me tell you - here you shall find only the most inspiring literary quotations, images of beautiful book covers and the best of literature. I hope you enjoy your stay.

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As I walked I was watching for every impression that could possibly help to explain the condition of ruinous splendour in which I found the world—for ruinous it was. A little way up the hill, for instance, was a great heap of granite, bound together by masses of aluminium, a vast labyrinth of precipitous walls and crumpled heaps, amidst which were thick heaps of very beautiful pagoda-like plants—nettles possibly—but wonderfully tinted with brown about the leaves, and incapable of stinging.

—HG Wells - The Time Machine

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